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Blackboard is an example of a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and is a relatively new service, provided by the university.  It is a means of communicating subject materials etc. to students studying a unit using a web browser.

Typical of a 'unit Blackboard page' and the services it offers is:

Blackboard Unit page image

Click on the above image for a summary of each button in the unit navigation area.  Their appearance on your unit Blackboard page depends on the material included by the unit tutor.

Logging-on to Blackboard
To log onto the Blackboard page you need to direct your browser to this Web address:

Blackboard Main Access & Login pages image

From here you need to select LOG ONTO BLACKBOARD and if this is the first time you have used Blackboard then YOUR USER NAME is the first part of your South Bank email address, for example my user name is normanld (taken from

YOUR PASSWORD is the first 7 digits of your university Identity/Security Pass.  The number which starts 800xxxx.

Once you have 'logged on' to the Blackboard site, it is suggested that you use the 'Personal Information' link to change your password to something you will remember and which is known only to you.

Blackboard site image

Getting Access to your Unit Site
Before any unit will appear under the 'list of units which you are participating' on your Blackboard page, you need to enrol on the unit.

You only need to do this once and the procedure is:

  • Select the Courses Tab from your Blackboard page.

Blackboard Courses tab image

  • Search the Catalogue for the name of the unit (your Unit Tutor will tell you this)
  • Click the 'Enrol' button and enter the unit enrolment password (again your Unit Tutor will tell you this).

From now on, this unit will appear on your list of units when you log-into Blackboard.  To get to a particular unit page, click on its name in the unit list.

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